Monday, May 22, 2006

BBC Interview Mishap

How would you feel if you were called in for a job interview and got dragged into a live TV interview that was broadcasted throughout England instead? Would you be confused and go along with it anyway? That is what happened to Guy Goma, who came to BBC news office in England for a job interview on May 8, 2006.

Goma came in that day expecting to discuss about a technology-related job opportunity, but was mistakenly thought as Guy Kewney, an expert of Internet music downloads. He was immediately rushed by an employee to a studio for an interview about the Britain's High Court's verdict on the Apple Computer vs. Apple Corps landmark battle. Thinking that it was part of the job interview, Goma went along with the interview, confused as he must've been. He then realized the error when he was introduced as another man and tried to explain, but BBC News 24 correspondent continued the interview. Goma answered all questions, giving his opinions on the future of music downloads and internet cafes following the landmark verdict during this interview, while the real Guy Kewney watched "himself" on live interview from the reception room, a bit shocked.

BBC had apologized to its viewers about the mishaps. Kewney, the real expert, wrote on his blog that he felt the mistake hurt his reputation. He then has been invited back for the interview. However, Goma never got his job interview.

I found this story rather hilarious, although this shows that a small mistake like that could cost a respected news network such as BBC its reputation.

This is a small good lesson that the Indonesian media can learn NOT TO DO from the venerable BBC.


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