Friday, May 05, 2006

So who's behind Jurnal Nasional?

We have heard that a lecturer and market researcher by the name of Asto is behind the latest effort to launch a new national Bahasa Indonesia daily newspaper. Details are sketchy but already the market is rife with rumors that the newspaper, to be called Journal nasional, is backed up by Putera Sampoerna, SBY and who knows not. The rumors also say that the daily will attempt to do something different by sending to its subscribers news by sms.

The daily has apparently already recruited more than 10 senior reporters, poached form rival publications. It has also completed a training session for 25 junior reporters recently in Puncak. The launch date is supposed to be in June. The daily has already established its office in Kemang, opposite the Partai Demokrat offices.

Maverick Indonesia's attempts to contact Asto to verify these reports weren't successful but if some journalist were be enterprising enough to call them...

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Anonymous said...

It is true that Asto is the man behind or I prefer in front of Jurnal Nasional, that claim as The Indonesia First Mobile Newspaper.