Friday, May 05, 2006

Who Owns Jak TV?

Just who owns what in the media is something that we are obsessed about knowing as a PR company. One thing that has struck me as strange are the links between the Mahaka, Salim and Artha Graha Groups. here's why:

About a week ago, I looked at Indosiar’s website and noticed that it had links to Republika, Harian Indonesia, JakTV, Radio One, and Elshinta.

That Indosiar is linked to Harian Indonesia is not unusual since both are owned by the Salim Group. But links to Republika and Radio One (belonging to Eric Thohir’s Mahaka Group) and Jak TV ( Artha Graha Group)? Are they all huddling together for strength in numbers?

About 3 days after that, I bumped into a friend who works as a reporter in Jak TV. She told me that Tommy Winata (from Artha Graha Group), Erick Thohir, and DKI Jakarta’s governor, Sutiyoso all have shares in jakTV, but she had never heard anything about Jak TV’s involvement with Salim Group. So is there a link? Anyone out there can shed some light on whether there is a Salim connection?

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Anonymous said...

This is an interesting question regarding media ownership in Indonesia, specifically, Jak TV and Mahaka Media. A friend who is quite well connected in the Indonesian business community told me that the actual owners of Mahaka Media are the Habibi family--as in ex-president Habibi. And that of course, the Thohir family is quite closely linked with them.

Interesting isn't it?