Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tempo enters blogosphere

This just in from Blogger Indonesia's A. Fatih Syuhud

Nothing can make me happier than to see a mainstream Indonesia media like Tempo now is taking initiative to introduce blog and blogging into the 'conventional' audience or in other words it acknowledges the growing influence and popularity of blogging so much so that it can no longer ignore it as a temporary trend.

The news came yesterday night when founder told me that Tempo Media will make a new feature in its online edition entitled Blog Pekan Ini (Blogger of the Week). Once I have time to browse I did find what he said. In its introduction, the Tempo online editor says
TEMPO Interaktif, Jakarta: Mulai pekan ini, Tempo Interaktif menampilkan rubrik baru Blog Pekan Ini. Kriteria pemilihannya adalah adalah Blog -- berbahasa Indonesia, Inggris ataupuan daerah ... (From this week, Tempo Interaktif will show a new feature i.e. Blogger of the Week. All Indonesia blogs written in English, Bahasa Indonesia or local dialect will serve the criteria to be reviewed)

It's still unclear to me whether the reviewed blog will show up in its print edition as well.

I am so happy upon Tempo initiative at least for two reasons:
First, it means the mainstream media have seen blogs not only as a kid playing ground or an IT-geek-testing field. They starts if not already see Indonesia blog and its content as part of people voices that need to be paid attention for. Because people voices have --one way or another-- people power, whatever this term means.

Second, it will spread the blogging culture into speedier pace. When it happens, when all people who can access the internet are interested to blog, something big will happen: the turn-around of a culture. From tradition of talking into the culture of writing. When you desperately want to blog or write something, you cannot avoid another: reading. No one can make a decent writing without reading anything. So, if that happens, let's call it a 'green revolution.'

From the above two points, I need to congratulate the editorial board of Tempo Media for taking the first initiative. And from the same token, we, Indonesian bloggers, are waiting for other mainstream media like Kompas, Gatra, Republika, Media Indonesia, etc to play a more active role towards implementing the "green revolution." :)

Lastly, I think Budi Putra must've played a significant role on this. If that's right, thanks so much from me and from other Blogger Indonesia who agree with my point of view.

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