Friday, May 05, 2006

Some stabilitas for the risk market

What sort of a magazine calls itself Stabilitas and who’s behind it?

Curious from reading the magazine and seeing it in newsstands some Maverick consultants paid the magazine, situated in Kemang for a visit. This is what we found:

STABILITAS began publishing in October 2005 with the aim of educating the banking industry players on banking services and products with reliable information from credible sources such as BI deputies, bankers and economists. It also is focused on risk management.

The brainchild of Bank Indonesia and 100% owned by Yayasan Bank Indonesia, 60% of the magazine’s editorial space is taken up with its own reportage while 40% is information directly supplied from BI.

The magazine has four editors who also double up as reporters for the magazine’s sections, which are cover story, lifestyle, technology and risk management. It also covers coverage on the market, bonds, loans, corporate profiles, risk, interview, technology, BPR (Bank Perkreditan Rakyat), SMEs, Syariah banking and celebrities, with a financial focus.

The magazine aims at management level employees whose businesses are heavily dependent on BI regulations. Sounds like a captive audience to us. We asked Pak Tatang Tamam, the magazine’s vice editor whether the magazine could be critical of BI. He said rather diplomatically that that is not the purpose of the magazine at the moment.

Name of Media : STABILITAS
Genre : Risk management and banking magazine
Chief Editor : Krisna Wijaya
Circulation : 9.000
Frequency : monthly
Price : Rp. 22.500,-
Language : Bahasa
Company Address : Gedung LPPI
Jl. Kemang Raya No.35
Jakarta Selatan 12730
Tel. 718 2680 (editor in chief)
Tel. 718 2780, 7182860 (marketing)
Fax. 718 2760


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