Friday, May 05, 2006

Moshi Moshi Party

On April 6th, 2006, Maverick held its annual media gathering event, the “Moshi Moshi Party”.

The Mavericks, all dressed up in Japanese costume (yukata), were welcoming their fellow journalists at Yoshi’s—a comfortable Japanese restaurant at Dharmawangsa Square.

Most of the journos were surprised when they saw us in colorful kimono, yelling cheerfully:“MOSHI MOSHI!”. Some of them hardly recognized us.

Before “Moshi Moshi Party”, Maverick had held a Cap Goh Meh Night and Bollywood Party. We love to surprise our fellow journos with different unique theme; and pampering their eyes with our “cultural” look—not to mention that the Mavericks just love to dress up! ☺

It turned out that Indonesian journalists are courageous. Since lots of them dare to compete in our one and only “Wasabi eating championship”. We had prepared 15 balls of wasabi in a bowl (each wasabi-ball is around 0.5 cm in diameter)—and the first person to eat all the wasabi balls wins the championship.

Jalu from Soccer tabloid becomes our Wasabi man that night. He received an iPod Nano for his valiant efforts.

Just wait for our next media gathering! More surprises to come!

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