Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Want to be a Maverick?

We are looking for junior-level consultants (those with between entry level and 3 years working experience) as business is expanding. Do you have what it takes?

Paper qualifications are not important to us. We’d consider prior experience in a relevant industry an advantage but we are more interested to hire smart young people with energy, drive and a can-do attitude.

And why should you consider working in Maverick? We are a PR consultancy (not an agency) with attitude. We work with clients who know what they want, whom we like and who like us. That way we have a greater chance of doing kick-ass work and have fun doing it. We think this is a great way to spend our professional lives -- while still enjoying our personal ones.

Interested candidates can send resumes and an imaginative cover note to maverick@maverick.co.id. Only those selected will be called for an interview.

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