Friday, May 05, 2006

What A Cool Place We are Working At

It’s Friday ….., the last working day before the week end, a day most people are looking forward to …. And you can see it by how the people are dressed down, the sound of laughter and chit chat.

So, why are people so happy toward the weekend? Well, I don’t think I need to elaborate the obvious.

Accordingly, I believe it is very important to make our working environment as enjoyable as it could be, in terms of the work place as well as the work culture. Dealing with clients is stressful enough, so I can’t imagine if my workspace is disorganized or on the contrary, a very orderly place.

For those who have not been to our office, let me describe it for you. It is located at Jalan Belitung, a high-end residential area just opposite Jalan Senopati, which is a two-minutes drive from The Jakarta Stock Exchange. There is a small public park in front of our office, that gives us greenery that cools down the hot Jakarta climate.

The two-storey house that has been converted to the Maverick office can be easily spotted with its orange gate (that corresponds with our corporate color). As you come in, you will see a Betawi chair set at the porch and on its left, a wooden garden table and chair set for 12. The Mavericks often have their meetings in these two seating areas. And don’t be surprised if they bring along their laptops while having a discussion at the porch.

Well, this is another cool thing about our office, it is equipped with a wi-fi. And, yes, all our permanent staff is equipped with their own laptops (most choose Macs).

When not working at the porch, people are working at their non-partitioned wooden desk. The working area is such an open space, that people can easily talk to each other, discuss ideas and share food! Most of the people also enjoy working with their favorite music on. So there are little audio speakers in most desks, along with pictures of friends and family, little cuddly characters and colorful cushions on the chair. There is even a small stony fountain with comforting sounds of dripping water on one of the desks (I think this is the coolest thing you can ever have on your working desk!).

However, all of the above are meaningless unless it is supported by a good work culture. In Maverick, people are always urged to speak up, their input and ideas are always appreciated, though control to working quality is stringent. Yet, we always encourage people to live a balanced life. This is why we are doing regular night-outs, having sumptuous luncheons whenever we get new businesses or celebrating somebody’s birthday and providing our permanent staff with a Personal Development Fund.

At Maverick, we want to create an environment that truly respects individuals, where values matter, where we can share in the joy of discovery of knowing and doing new things and celebrate each other’s successes. This is our way in making work meaningful to the lives we lead.

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