Monday, May 08, 2006

Tempo caught passing off advertorial as editorial

Tempo, regarded by many as Indonesia's foremost current issues magazine, has been taken to task by the quaintly named Voice of Human Rights news Center. Apparently, Tempo had carred an eight page advertorial titled Acknowledgement and Clarification by the developers of Kemoyoran - one week after it carred out a blistering investigative piece on the developer. The problem with the advertorial was that it was virtually undistinguishable from editorial copy as it had the same font and layout without any note explaining that it was bought space.

According to The Jakarta Post article Tempo said the gaffe was because the advertiser sneakily submitted the advertorial copy just before presstime, thus slipping by their safeguards.

Sounds like spin to me. Which respectable publication would allowd advertorial copy to have the same look and feel as its editorial copy, no matter when the advertising copy came in?

This practice of trying to pass off bought space, alas, is prevalent in the industry. But who woudl watch the watchdogs of society?

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